Protect Your Estate!!

Hi Friends!:) I just want to encourage you to read this latest post and comments from ND Estate Services. If you own property, ie) a house? Lake Property? Land? Non-qualified investments? Unless you have the proper plan for your estate this will happen to you too 100% GUARANTEED… This is really awful what happened to Brenda and it happens all the time too! totally can be avoided!! We are here to listen closely to you, hear what you are saying and advise in a way that best meets your goals and objectives for your estate. Blessings to you all:) Don’t Let the govt manipulate you, your family or your estate! (trust me, they would love to) Use the laws designed to Protect Your Estate and does not line the pockets of Probate Attorneys! once of prevention is worth more than its weight in gold! Mention this post to me and receive $250.00 off your estate plan:)


“Brenda:  I only know because when my husband died, he had neither, and everything was in his name.
I had the rough education on estate planning.
I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Took 2&1/2 yrs to settle the estate, and in the end, the state and federal governments got over half, the lawyers got several hundred thousand dollars, his mom got her house, a car, and $26,000 cash, I got some personal items, a house in town, and a piece of land.
That’s all that was left of a 2.2 million $$ estate….. That I built. Not my husband.
It was in his name. We never knew that as his spouse I wouldn’t automatically get everything.
It doesn’t work that way in most states anymore

Brenda: Anybody with anything, should see an estate specialist.
I wish we had.”


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