Our prices per services are indeed, very modest. The two services you will need is all the “setup” services. This includes my assistance with all the funding administration that you will need and also the services of a local, trusted, Estate Planning and Trust Attorney. the second set of services your will need is the annual funding reviews and death settlement assistance. An attorney will charge your family 1-2% of your estate for settlement!! We just have a simple flat-fee that includes any annual changes to your trust and settlement for your family which includes setting up your EIN for your trust and all the distribution forms from your trust to your beneficiaries.

Many of our clients come to us by referral. Referral clients also receive another special discount! So, if you want to save a few extra bucks? get a referral! Simply txt “referral” to 701-318-0908 asking for a referral and we’ll provide you with a few referrals to contact. We can typically save our clients anywhere from 30-50% just on the setup fees alone not including all of the the other personal funding assistance services which we do to serve your family, estate, you will need over time and the transition on your passing. If services are needed, together, we’ll fill out an information packet an attorney who is a trust and estate specialist not a “generic attorney”. He will make the appropriate recommendations to assist you. If a Revocable Living Trust and or a Irrevocable Trust is recommended, these are the list of documents he will prepare for you: A Trust(s) Document, Certificate and Summery of Trust, Pour-Over Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will, Health Care Directive, Nomination of Guardian and an Asset Transfer document for your personal property along with your quit claim deeds. You do not have to use the attorneys I work with. If you do, I can control the two most important features of the setup of your trust: cost and quality of your estate document package.

Once completed, the rough draft of your documents will be sent to you to be proofed. If no corrections are needed, it only takes about 3-4 weeks to receive these necessary documents back from the attorney. I will come out to see you personally to complete all the necessary notary work and start the initial funding process of retitling your assets into the name of your trust. The term funding simply refers to your assets being re-titled out of your personal name and into the name of your trust. If your assets are re-titled in the name of your trust, the state has no assets to probate because nothing is in your name.  You and your spouse retain control of your assets. I give very special attention to this vital part of your trust.

Why is the funding process so vitally important? If your assets are not funded in your trust, your trust isn’t being used the way it is intended; to avoid probate and to eliminate guardianship on your assets if you become incapacitated. 

Why go through the trouble of setting it up if you’re not going to fund it!