I came across this pdf document published by the NSDU Extension office. They do a nice job of explaining the different types of Trusts. One thing that isn't necessarily emphasized is the importance of "how" your trust is funded. That's why annual funding reviews are so vitally important. I do not charge for annual funding reviews. When I'm hired, you pay me one time, and it will cover all annual funding reviews including death settlement assistance. I had a client in the Bismarck area call me and say he wanted to talk to his attorney so they could look at his funding together. The fee was over 750.00 just do a simple funding review. The purpose of the funding review is just to check on all asset entitlement. 

If you take the time and expense of getting a trust but do not take the time to have annual funding reviews. I would encourage you to save your money for Probate Court. An Attorney will send you a "letter of instruction" explaining the need for asset retitlement but they don't necessarily take by the hand to dot your i's and cross all the t's.