Legal Service and Estate Planning Documents

As a client of ND Estate Services, you will consult directly with our estate planning attorneys who evaluate your situation and provide an analysis of your estate needs. As part of your analysis, your estate planning attorney will help you decide which legal foundation would be best suited regarding your situation for your estate. ND Estate Services clients enjoy lifetime consultations with our attorneys with a reduced fee for any legal changes to their documents. The first year all your estate planning attorney legal changes to your trust documents are at no charge.

Your Document Package

-Directive of Guardianship                                                               -Provisions for Minors

-Durable Power of Attorney                                                             -Provision for handicapped

-Health Care Power of Attorney                                                      -Spendthrift Provision

-Living Will/Medical Directive                                                          -Identify Separate Property

-Pour Over Will with Trust                                                               -Deed Preparation

-Successor Trustee Authority                                                         -Distribution Instructions