Get it together! Hold It together! Keep it together!

Asset retitlement, funding your trust, is a tedious task but vitally important! That is why I take the time to personally help you retitle assets so they are not omitted from your trust.  Being omitted from your trust simply means that the asset is still in your name and is then subject to Probate Court, Public Record, family contestability issues, and it can wind up being a mess! This is why your annual funding reviews are soo vitally important. Here is just a partial list of assets that we will need to be addressed:

+Home/Land                                                                  +CD’s

+Rental Property                                                            +Brokerage Accounts

+Time Shares                                                                 +Annuities

+Mineral Rights                                                              +Pension Plans

+Checking, Savings Accounts                                       +401k’s

+Credit Union Accounts                                                 +Life Insurance

+Stocks and Bonds                                                        +Businesses/Partnerships

+Mutual Funds                                                               +LLC’s/Corporations

+Money Market                                                              +Personal Property