Do you have your estate planning documents scattered everywhere so in the event your kids need to have them it would take a miracle to find everything???… If you do, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone! Because of this very reason, I have put together a very nice Estate Guide/Organizer just for you where you can list all your important documents so they are all in one place, easy to find: Life Insurance policies, annuities, financial accounts, your Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, Nominating Guardian, Living Will, your Obituary, letters to the kids you want them to read on your passing, info on where your burial plot is… the list continues. Plus, it has a comprehensive Estate Planning Document included in case you have additional estate planning questions or you need some help. It’s at no cost to you. It’s our gift to you and your family just for reaching out to us. All you have to do is simply ask us for one:) Please call or text me at 701-318-0908.